I got a bad clutch... How about a flywheel?

Ok here the problems I having with my transmission, please I need some serious help!!!

•Clutch Pedal is harder to push to the floor than before

•When engaing/disengaging a gear you feel a very bad clunk/pull

•When the clutch is let all the way out, I drop about 500-1000 Rpms at the start of the gear.

•Little to no Partially engaged, kinda like a racing clutch only On and Off.

I read on a Clutch Troubleshooting guide it said to have the Flywheel Resurfaced or get a new one when you get a new clutch. However I don’t have the money to buy a new flywheel just the clutch, do you think based on the problems I stated that the flywheel could possible be done for? Or do you think I would be alright with just the clutch? I was told the problem i am having is a bad pressure plate, however I think it’s more than just that.
Thanks Guys :slight_smile:

clutch@!& flywheel

your clutch could be bad if when youre driving and you shift and disengage your clutch it will “slip” or rev a lil longer than usual but if it doesnt you said that your clutch was harder to push than before, you can adjust your clutch by going on the left side of the motor[when youre in front of the car] and under the distributer and in between the stock air intake tube there is a cable with a dial on it and you can trun the dial to give yourself play in the pedal. about the flywheel pull the clutch housing out and pul the clutch and the plate out and check the fingers on it so see if there worn if there not youre cool man… hope i helped you!!

                ps: pullin your clutch out yourself is a beeeotch!