i had to sell my da9 :(

has anyone ever sold their da and then like a couple days after regret it to the point where they obsess over having another one? i hate pot holes and extremely large trucks.

id say 99% of the people who sold their teg regretted it from this site.

i traded my last DA for a 4dr EF that was clean as hell…and i regretted getting rid of my DA 2 days later…wish i had just kept it…

I have regretted selling my 92 GS from the moment I sold it. This site made me regret it even more. I am getting another DA and doing a restore/build.

I must be in the 1% that had zero regrets. The ONLY thing working propery on my integra when I sold it was the “break 500” sensor. You know the module that senses when you have about $500 in your checking account that hasn’t been accounted for yet and causes something to break to the tune of a $500 repair bill. or a $100 bill after a $400 tow you get the idea.

i have never had a single problem with any of my 3 DA9’s. guess i was lucky. never once got stranded or nothing. (in stock form of course)

I will never sell my DA

I’m with ominous ^^
even when i think about it from time to time, then i finally realize if i ever did sell my DA, I would kill myself. Yeah its that deep! Lol


seems we all feel the same way.

x2 i will never sell mine either.

i love my da