i hate cars!!! help

okay well the other day my battery light would come on and flicker but when i reved it up over 3k it went away and then it came back, then it was on for a while and then it went away…i figured my battery was done, but then it was working fine…so i was praying its not my alternator cuz its pain in the ass to get to it…so now i was leaving work and the light came on or actually flickered couple times and went away…and then the interior lights and headlights would dim for about a half a second sometime for longer, i have a system in the car and that was playing fine the cd player wasnt diming…or maybe i didnt see it…and then i got pissed so i steped on it and redlined the second and 3rd gear and it stopped…im thinking either my battery is shitty cuz its been a while since i replaced it and then after a while it charges and its fine or the altarnator is going out…i think autozone can check that for me…somebody have any ideas?

already know, its ur alternator. If its flickering its telling u its going out.

happened to me back then and i also changed battery and same thing happen once it drained my battery.

What i did was start the car and then remove terminal postive from battery while car is running and if alternator is bad or worn the car dies or stalls out.

if its normal it stays on at least thats what i learned.