i hate this gap!

hey guys! my kit on my car leaves a gap right under my lights. i got the car with front bumper damage when i bought it. could it be the frame is bent? and if so any tricks to bending it back? if any of you know of ne thing to do. please help. oh, and it is only on the passenger side the driver is perfect. it is a black widow kit.


sorry guys tried putting the pix in here but i can’t do it. here’s a link http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4288769867

looks like the kit is warped.

thats what i thought at 1st. but when you look inside the frame is low.

why is there a chip on your kit. maybe the supports are bent.

yea, htats what i think is the problem. how do i fix this prob? or should i juz find a front clip and take the support off and switch it?

headlight gap

hey man i had that same prob after i got in a front end mishap. what u do is take the kit off and move the steel bumper up on that side.u may have to drill new holes in the steel bumper.ur luck its only in one side mine was in both. email me at honda_racing_kid@hotmail.com for any more infor or if you have problems.