i have a really stupid question

how much oil does a b16 take on a oil change???

i’m in a really big hurry trying to get this done before my trip to school tomorrow. and i dont have time to trial and error. i’m guessing its around 4qts. thanks. this can be closed as soon as its answered, i appreciate your patience if this works. :hugs:

u shouldnt have a b16 if u dont know how much oil to put in it… :bs: :giggle: :bang: :idea: 2 gallons

i’ll be more specific that i’m looking for the starting point so i can add oil with reference to the dip stick… 3.75qts? 4qts? If this is just gonna be a bs thread MODS CAN CLOSE IT and i’ll search elsewhere… every now and then everyone comes across a really stupid fact they dont know.

come on how do u not know how much oil…how much oil did u put in it when u did yhe swap? :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :bawl: :violin: how can peeps have these cars and not know what the fluids levels should be???

I believe its 4qts. but i have a b18a.

i’ve always been fishing around and i’m looking for answer that i would find in the back of like a civic si manual. its not like I NEED this answer to run the car correctly, i’m just looking for the exact factory spec. i’m sick of guess and check. but at the rate this is going… close the thread

my 94 GSR (b18c) takes exactly (on the dot) 4 qts. of oil!

thread is gonna be closed regardless because of incorrect thread title.