I just bought Enkei Racing S wheel pattern114.3???

will these fit my stock 90 Integra???what do i need to do to make it fit???

das have

u need to either sell it
or do a 4x114 conversion

What are the exact parts I need for the conversion

Dont know the exact parts needed for the conversion, but, your probably better off selling the wheels and buying the correct one. Definately cheaper.

Does any1 have any idea???

duh…seriously who buys wheels without knowing if they will fit?

www.Hmotorsonline.com They have the 4x114 conversion for sale for i think like 400 bucks. its up to you what you want to do, i think the conversion comes with everything you need but to warn you, you probally want to get new rotors if you get the conversion since they are jdm and have jdm rust on them from the jdm ocean that is under the jdm docks that they are shipped from. Good luck and buy the right bolt pattern next time.

Are u familiar with those adapters???