I need a Good DA9 Mechanic in L.A.? I'm Keeping It!

Hi all, Happy New Year!

I was going to sell it or part it out last month, but I love this car and have decided to keep it!

I need a good DA9 mechanic recommendation in Los Angeles, 90045.
I’m looking for a mechanic who still loves to work on these cars.

Due to health problems, I had to move into a location where I can’t work on it anymore.
I want to keep the repair/upgrade ball rolling. Any recommendations?

This is a summary of the work that has been done since August 2012:

  • Rebuilt Engine B18A1 (*rebuilt in 2012)
  • ARP Bolts and OBD1 Conversion (Rywire)
  • HONDATA S100 Chip (Tuned by Church’s Automotive in Wilmington)
  • P72 ECU (94-95 GSR) and TD55 Distributor (94-95 LS)
  • Rebuilt Rack and Pinion Steering
  • ABS Brake System (All 4 Calipers Replaced)
  • KYB Strut / Shocks (All 4 Units Replaced)
  • Sony Stereo w/Bluetooth and Remote Control
  • All of the hoses (18 ea. OEM) were replaced in August 2012
  • All of the pumps have been replaced or rebuilt in August 2012
  • New PCV System Hoses
  • New Catalytic Converter
  • New NGK Spark Plugs and Wires

Thanks!, Paul90

check honda-tech