i need a pre-OBD pinout

I’ve been looking for a pre-OBD pinout for a 90 LS special forever. I’m installing an apex S-AFC and i already have a wiring diagram for the unit, i just need the integra’s ecu pinout to tell which wire is which. I believe they’re all pretty much the same, i have a pre-OBD pinout from a v-tec motor (89-91 JDM CRX) and I almost sure it’ll do, but I’d rather be certain about it.
If anyone has this information, or knows where i can get it, please make a response to this post or e-mail me at ai3glude0@lycos.com
thank you.

you can find ecu pinout info for most anything you would need in the teg tips. its in the engine section. and it might be under the engine swap guide, but maybe not, i forget now.

oh, and the helms manual can help w/ wire colors. between the two sources you should be able to figure it out.