I need a sunroof drain pan.

Ok, So it’s been raining pretty bad every day for months down south and all my leaks on the inside of my car are exposed. I went ahead and took the interior out of the car b/c I was having a trunk leak (ended up being a disconnected sunroof drain tube for some reason the tube is to short to connect) and a leak under the back seat on the driver side and behind the driver seat. The drain pan on the sunroof is rusted out on the corners where the drain tubes connect. 3 out of the 4 are rusting and 1 has managed to form a hole. I looked on a parts website and the part I need is part 8 from the diagram but they don’t list it at the bottom. I will post pics when I get them on my laptop. I’m just glad I found the leaks. I just want to replace it all so I can get back to my turbo install.


Does anyone know where I can find this part? Or if I have to replace the whole assy.?


same thing happened to me with the drain tube being too short. I think over time they shrink, I just found a smaller hose to stick in between and used hose clamps.

Looks like the pan is discontinued from the dealer. Does anyone have an idea of how to repair the corners maybe? What seal causes water to leak into this pan? I’m going to replace all the seals, motor, and pan.

Here was the part number

Pic added

dang, i better check the condition on my pan! either replace it with another good used part or cut and weld new sheet metal?

Yeah my headliner is toast too. Sux that it’s discontinued. I’m going to talk to my father in law (he’s a welder and has everything at his house) to see how hard it would be to patch this stuff up. I checked my local pull a part and they have 3 DA’s just need to go see if they have a sunroof on them to get the pan. It’s $35 for a the whole sunroof assy. If they have a good one it might be worth buying it and reconditioning it before install.

I have a nice sunroof assembly willing to ship at ur expense lmk 8602024982

What kind of price are we talking here and what kind of condition? My zip is 70115. I’m going to check the junk yard this weekend to see if they have one but let me know what you’re looking to get for it and maybe we can work something out.


Txt me i just sawone on ebay for 2suttin but i wodnt charge that i can send pics txt me

Yeah I just saw it. He must have just posted that. 230 shipped is what he wants. I was thinking about buying the other assy. b/c I don’t need the glass. He’s selling for fo 129 + 50 shipped. I was going to over him $150.00 shipped if the junkyard doesn’t have one. I really just need the drip pan. The part number is just for the pan so I want to see if that pan can be parted from the whole unit. If so let me know how much you want for the drip pan only.

Id have to goto ma garage prolly tom and check if it cud be removed if it cud id do 150 shipped

i have to replace the whole the thing bro i bought everything at the junk yard for 68$ lol its so easy to replace

Nice. It looks pretty straight forward. Once the bolts around the drip pan are removed the whole unit comes out? Or are there other bolts that hold it in?

Found a clean sunroof at the junk yard and got it for $35 with the glass. This car was pretty clean. Every seal looked replaced on it so I got all the door and window weather stripping while I was there. I put the sunroof in today and it was really easy. I did it by myself lol. So far no leaks with the hose spraying on it. There’s a cat 1 maybe cat 2 hurricane that will impact my area though so i’ll find out soon enough if it worked lol. If it hits mobile / pensacola we should only see tropical storm force winds and rainfall.