I need help one more time, Future GSR star ;)

I know I am asking a question that has been aked before. But I think I can make it interesting. I searched but can’t find the answer to a frequent question. There is an old post from 2002 on here where someone says he found out how to make secondary butterflies work without the ecu operating them. I would like to know how he did it, he never specifies, and I can’t find an aswer on if and how you can remove them. Again I am sorry for asking a repetative quetstion, But I am getting microsoft word installed later so I can read the engine swap guide. Thanks again for the support.

I would imagine you could do the same thing guys use to do for ls/VTEC when they wanted to do it cheap, an RPM switch.

it’s not that I want to do it the cheap way, I just want it right without a skunk 2 mani.

The secondaries are opened by a spring system. The vacuum system holds them closed. So if you disconnect the vacuum source they will be open. The down side is that they won’t ever close and you will lose a bit of mid range torque. Its almost the same as buying a Skunk2 manifold under those circumstances.

I appreciate it man. This has been the one subject that has been hard to sorce. On the flipside though I figured out that I can remove the plate for the secondaries all together. My intake looks a little stumpy though. I hope there are no bad side affects to this. Thanks for the info though it would have been easier than taking the manifold off I’m sure.

There should be no down side other than the fact that you might notice the loss of torque mid range. Ensure that you cap the vacuum line so there is no leak. You could as an alternative, disconnect the electrical connector. Its hard to reach. If you don’t like it after a trial, just reconnect. There is no harm done. There is another option. You can rig a 12 volt power source to the IAB solenoid through a switch placed inside the cabin somewhere. Turning on will keep the butterflies closed and off opens them.

Ill save the butterfly plate just in case I have to much of a loss in mid range. I’m hoping that a chipped ecu from rywire will make up for my mid range loss. The only other hopefull I have is my trannie. It shifted out fo 2nd gear at 50 with the old motor, but it didn’t rev to 8rpm either. Either way it will be ok, cause I have the gsr hydro trannie in my garage. I’ll keep switching the secondaries in mind, may get more mid range with a chipped and the secondaries combined. Thanks again man.

I actually experimented with this at the drag strip back in 2002 when I had my 98 GSR. having the secondaries open all of the time will result in a noticable loss in midrange. there is a reason Honda makes them open at a certain RPM. Long story short I lost around 3 tenths when I had the butterflies open all of the time.