I need help with cam gears please

Will some one please give me some advise?
I have just got my AEM cam gears in and i would like to know if anyone knows the best all around settings? I have basic mods I,H,E with crank pully and MSD ignition and high out put coil and a B&M 70mm throtlebody. I have other stuff to but i think this is the stuff that would matter the most so if you have any kind of advise please help me thank you. :hmm:

Trial and error man. Start at zero and work your way out. Try different combinations. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Some cam timing will give you high end power and other timing profiles will give you low end power while others will give you mid-range. Try everything.

Hate to say this but … trial and error ass dynoing with cam gears well … isn’t right.

Put them on set them both to 0 degrees and leave it till you get to a dyno for some tuning.

What kind of cams are you using also? Thats a pretty big variable also. If your using stock cams, the gears won’t do much good at all. Tuning wise yes you might get an extra 5whp tops but not much.

The money would have been better spent on a set of mild cams and leave those at 0 degrees until you can afford the gears.

Also did you know that the throttle body your using is waaaaaaay to big for what your motor needs? Like to the point it is probably pulling lower numbers with it installed. The average recommended bore on a throttle body is 62mm tops for honda unless your pulling out some big gun 400whp+ LS. BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. Simple as that, you can choose to believe me and what others have actually dyno tested, or you can choose to believe what you want I don’t care either way.

It sounds like your building a lego motor. What are your power goals? What is your power band goals? Are you setting it up for autoX or drag racing or a fun daily driver? You should sit down with the excel spreadsheet and decide where your going with this motor before you spend any more money on it.

On a side note a fresh brand new honda ignition is good up to around 250+whp also, with no power drop offs or what not. MSD stuff probably could have waited until you either rebuilt the bottom end or stuffed a turbo/nos setup in it.

I’m not trying to be a dick or what not, I just hate to see people slapping shit on thier cars and thinking it makes them oooo soooo fast. And not knowing a damn clue how/why the part is better. They manufacture most performance parts to hit this peak power in a set rpm range also refered to as the ‘power band’. You’ll want to be carefull for the gsr/ls parts, as the gsr wins out, and the powerband is put usually above 7k, where our LS motors will never reach with out thousands of bucks in parts and tuning.

Thank you all for your help. The only reson i got the throttle body is it was free and the one that was on there was cracked so why not im getting a turbo in about 5 months. And the same with the msd. But my car is not sooooo fast i know that but at the track before the throttle body and my crank pully i ran a 10 2 in the 8th mile so i do not think it is that bad for my first import and my first run. But i thank you for looking out for me O ya and im bulding my car for an every day driver/drag racer. If you have any more to say that would help me thank you?