i need help

trying to help a freind out.

hes got a gsr"b18c1"

Skunk2 IM
2000 Si Pistons “PR3”
ITR Camshafts
DC 4/2/1 header
adjus gears.

it will be dropped in a 90 gs.

As he is non obd and with all this work done and the head shaved a bit… hes atleast in the 11:8 compression.

Will the stock injectors work or will he need to upgrade.

Also he will be running pr3 with v-afc. is that sufficient?

Please advise.

I would think the stock would be ok, he should get a fpr that should give him the extra fuel me might need.

so using a 1.6l ecu to run a 1.8l engine with bigger cams and bigger pistons is not a danger?

i dont want him blowing up his engine.

what should he do…

can anyone help me?


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