I need HELP!!!!!

I have a 90 Integra RS. For the last month is has been having all kinds of idle issues.

So far I have replaced:
Hoses on IACV
O2 sensor (wire snapped on mine)
Cleaned the throttle body
Cleaned the IACV
Flushed the coolant system

My car still has issues. Every time I push my clutch in to shift between 1-2 2-3 etc it revs up higher for a few seconds until it slowly starts to drop. Basically its like not taking your foot off the gas when you shift.

Also I unplugged the IACV and it ran good, just idled like a cammed car during cold start but after that it idled great and ran great…except it seemed like I was burning more fuel and I could smell fuel. I figured its the IACV but someone said if you unplug it nothing should change if its bad but when I unplug mine everything changes.

I have fixed all my own cars for over 10 years without any issues but this is my first obd0 one and I am stumped. I checked the entire vacuum system and no leaks.

If you have have this same issue and have fixed the problem please help me out.

Please dont just tell me guesses and your idea unless you definitely understand the issue because I no longer want to through un-needed parts at this car anymore.


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