i need some quick responces, my clutch travels to the floor,car barely moves.???

i can start the car, but only with the clutch pedal to the floor.the clutch can go in 1’st and when i accelerate it takes atleast a minute to get to 10MPH, and it mostly rev’s alot without even moving the car.any help is greatly appriciated.


Sounds like the clutch is slipping.



thanks for the quick responce…the clutch pedal goes all the way to the floor, which i not how it was before.i thinking its the clutch cable.


Have you tried adjusting your clutch? Do you know where the clutch adjustment is? If not, look in your engine bay, to the RIGHT of the battery you will see a black plastic adjustment nut next to the radiator hose (bit fat hose). The nut will be quite a ways down there. Try backing the nut off a ways, pump the clutch pedal, and see how much play there is in the RELEASE ARM (black arm under the adjustment nut.) There should be only 5/32"- 13/64" of freeplay in the release arm. Keep adjusting the nut until you get the desired effect.

 BTW it's not as complicated as this sounds!!

Needs fluid.

i just went outside to adjust the clutch cable to see if it was that, well with my luck, it wasn’t.i can put the car into gear and let off the clutch and accelerator pedal and it doesnt stall.what does this mean? i dont understand how it can go from slipping just a little to nothing at all.

someone please anwser my question above.


sounds like your clutch is out. mine did the same thing when the it went out. 10mph at 4k rpm!!! ahahaha. you’ll need a new clutch.

is the clutch pedal sopposed to feel really loose and goto the floor when you clutch goes?

Originally posted by phat ac
is the clutch pedal sopposed to feel really loose and goto the floor when you clutch goes?

The Clutch should feel like the gas pedal. It shouldn’t travel to the floor quite easily. You do however have to press the clutch to the floor when starting the car. You have a weird problem there coz’ you put the stick in gear and got no response. You should at least stall and hear a grind.

It sounds like you’ll have to take the tranny apart to take a look.



hey Ryan… I want those tail lights :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, sounds like you need a new clutch, same thing happend to me a few days ago.

I’m just waiting to install my new clutch, can’t wait! :smiley:

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where are you getting your clutch installed at? how much?
And about the taillights, i decided to keep them since im planning on selling the car.

BTW- I found an integra graveyard out in opa-loca, lots tails out there in good condition.