I need some suggestions about start up plz...

Okay, it’s winter, and my car is starting up really bad and I don’t know why…I’ve replaced the spark plugs, the wires, the §§§§§, new fpr, new pcv valve, new mfr, and my timing is dead on…my fuel pump also still works I believe, because it makes the “clicking” sound when I put the key to the “ON” position…do you guys know of anything else that I could do to fix my problem?

um what if u put a block heater of or a heated oil dip stick to keep the enigne worm. that is all i can tell you.

What do you mean by “starting up bad”

To me a starting problem seems like it should be battery related if the only issue is when the car is starting. If it runs fine after it gets started then I wouldn’t suspect there to be an issue with fuel delivery or ignition.

Well, it usually takes the car about 10-15 turns to start up if I hold the key for that long…and also, if I have the hood up, I can smell fuel…does this mean my injectors might have a small leak or something…?

A small leak probably wouldn’t cause the car not to start in the manner you’re saying, but definitely worth checking for.

when you’re turning the key for 10-15 seconds does the engine (and starter) sound like it’s turning over at the normal speed? Or does it sound slow?

If the battery and starter are OK, the car will not fire right up and you smell fuel then that would lead me to believe the issue is with the ignition system. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Sounds like you replaced some of that already. Make sure the plugs are gapped right and that everything is connected nice and tight. If the parts aren’t OEM then I wouldn’t trust them 100%. If you can get your hands on a spare distributor then you could help make sure it’s not something internal to that (coil, ignitor).

I haven’t run into this exact problem, so I’m sorta stabbing at the dark - basically if it were me I’d just start checking all of the ignition components, but I have extras of everything so that would be relatively easy.

Well, I just put in a new MSD coil and distributor early this year, but I’ll check it out…and the car turns over at a normal speed…also, I have some Bosch spark plugs, and they’re pre-gapped…anything else you can throw at me chief…?

What’s the reason for the aftermarket ignition parts? I would have stuck w/ oem. I know I wouldn’t automatically assume those parts are working properly.

Reinforcing some of what Colin has mentioned.

Put back stock coil.

Check specs on coil and ignitor.

Put in NGK copper plugs.

Check battery. Colder weather means harder to start car if battery is weak or has low CCA.

Thanks so much for the info guys…I’ll definitely try out your suggestions…and one more question…will bad grounds also make a car hard to start up sometimes…?

Depending on which ground or how many or how bad… Not being grounded properly can cause the car not to start at all. But I’m unsure if it would caus your problem. I guess it’s possible, but like I said, depends on what ground and how bad…

reguarding the issue of smelling gas, it could definitely be bad injector o-rings. due to the age of our cars if they are original injector o-rings they could very well be dry rotted which would cause them to leak. best of luck man!:slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve noticed something about my car when I try to start it up when it sits overnight. I will hold the key and let the car turn over about 8-10 times, and then I will stop when it doesn’t start up…I then wait for about 10 seconds max, and try to start it up again…the car will start up within 2-3 turns…does this sound familiar to anyone…?O_O

What happens if you get in, turn the key to the ON position, wait 10 seconds, then try to start it?

(asking to try and see if it could be a fuel pressure problem oppposed to something else)

It won’t start up even if I wait 10 seconds…=X