i smell gas

recently i’ve been smelling gasoline when i rev up my motor… i have an intake and exhaust on it… could it be the o2 sensor??? cuz… i’m sure i’m not leaking gas and my gas mileage is excelent… thanks…

It may be a leak in your exhaust system. I had a crack in resonator weld and it leaked gas like fumes into the cabin. I kept falling asleep on the way home and didn’t know why until I took it to the shop.

Haven’t fallen asleep since!

You might also have a gas leak in your engine bay, i would definitely get that checked. The smell can be the engine heat burning that gas.

thanks for the replies, i’ve noticed that the gas smell is coming from the exhaust so it couldn’t be leaking in the engine bay. i just installed a new exhaust like acouple months ago… so it shouldn’t be cracked or leaking?? anything else? thanks

ohyea… another thing… i only smell it outside the car… never inside… thanks

ahh, so everyone around u on the way back home sleeps?? :slight_smile:

I"m having similar problem, good old factory exhaust still runing! Just the smell of say incomplete burning especially after a had run!!