I smell Gas

I think I have a pretty big problem with my car now :frowning:

After driving it, once you step out you can smell gas. If you are driving it with the windows closed and the vent on, you can smell it then too. If you smell the body itself, you can smell it from the gas tank (duh), and in the engine compartment. I can’t see any leaks on the driveway, but its definately there.

Any ideas ? And no, someone didn’t fart :slight_smile:

check where your fuel runs. check your fuel lines from your enging wall, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, injectors…those should be the first things to check when you smell fuel in the engine bay…

well forget about no leaks on the driveway, just moved the car, and there was a gas puddle on it. About 1 foot x 1 foot, not a lot but there is a definate leak in the back of the car.

if it hasnt leak before and leaks now then you might have a puncture in your car, not big, but enough to cause it to drip. check under your gas tank to see if you see any wet spots on the bottom of the tank.

The drivers side and bottom of the tank is all wet, and its dripping on the corner of that area. So I’m guessing the area where they seal the line and the tank itself rotted or something. Got to wait till Tuesday to fix it because everything here is closed Monday :frowning:

drop your tank or jack up the car and on the driver side, you will see a plastic mud gaurd, remove that and you will be able to se some fuel lines, by then, you should be able to determine which line is busted. its actually not that hard to do, it will be expensive to fix at a shop, save some money by doing it yourself, just find the line, and go buy a new line and slap it on. but if your not sure what your doing. take it to a shop…


My 91 gs had a the same problem. There was no signs of gas leaking on the ground. But because of the smell, I was sure the was a hole in the gas tank. Sure enough, I replaced it and found a hole in the top of the gas tank…Now the smell is gone and everytings great…except that my master cylinder is not producing pressure in one of the brake lines…

i always wonder???how do you guys get a hole ontop of your tanks anyways?

just took it to the mechanic and got it hoisted up, the seal along the tank is all rusted and that is whats leaking. On top of that, it need new lines because they are rusted and close to busting as well.

Decided to go with all new parts because I’m sure used ones will eventually have the same issues.

This is going to hurt the wallet :frowning: