I think i had too much fun last night

Theres a moutain road near my house that is very secluded and long, i frequently open up the car on the road for fun since there is no risk of getting pulled over on it ( i drive sensibly everywhere else )

Well i think the car didn’t agree with all of the fun when we started seeing sparks coming from the front left wheel under braking. We pulled over and found this

Yes that caliper is on fire, i shit you not… the caliper was on fire. What was actually burning is beyond me though.

These were new pads as of 2-3k ago

Lucky you were able to stop… And not catch the entire car on fire.

used to happen on my old race car alot, but it was usually 2 at a time…the fact that it only happened to one of your rotors might indicate something wrong with ur brakes since it seems to be applying extra force on the front left

It was both front rotors i just only took a picture of the left.

oh okay then lol…

dang, what a sight! how’s the caliper? picture?

Where are these roads you hit up? I’m about an hour from Frederick, always interested in new routes.

You have cross-rilled rotors? Looks like your brakes were taking a serious beating…

lol these roads are in frederick

Shoot me an email at tippey764@hotmail.com and maybe we can get together and i can show you them before i sell the car on friday.

The caliper was perfectly fine, the rotor is fucked though.

haha I’d say so. :slight_smile:

I’d definitely change out that brake fluid man lol… shit probably boiled away many of the cooling and lubricating properties of the current fluid.

thats dope.

I keep looking at those pics and man I live in a mountain area but have never lit my brakes up like that… not on my prelude, not on my mazda 6, not on my accord… OFC none fo those cornered turns like my DA does but still mann… wow…


Damn son, You went hard. Lol

Tippey, is that road “Gashouse Pike” ???

Now this is called going haaaaaaam as fuuuuuuhh! hahah

No, here is the exact route


I actually sold the integra i did this in the day after i did it. I told the kids who bought it about everything and even showed them the pictures. What a bunch of idiots for buying that car LOL

I sold it and bought a 95 acura legend GS for $1600, i’m in the process of selling it right now. When that car sells i’m going to buy a 91-93 integra GS sedan manual. I can hardly wait to have another integra back lol.

Wow. That’s some serious braking! As for what ignited, it was likely the brake lining itself.

Wow, I seen red hot rotors but brake pads on fire in a new one for me :up:

Thanks for the info, Tippey. I’ll have to check that out sometime.