i think i killed my engine.....HELP!!!!!

my car has never acted weird or anything and was driving fine yesterday, but at 10 last night i started the car to go somewhere and immediatly during idle it felt funny. i put it in reverse and it felt funnier (sputtering). then i threw it in drive and i began sputtering, bogging, and shaking really bad!!! i checked my fluids and there all fine. my timing belt is still there(cut valve cover) and nothing is blocking my intake. the engine is’nt making any pinging, popping, or knocking noises, but the exhaust is “sputtering out” in uneven puffs. what the hell could be wrong???

u got gas in the car?

sounds like misfiring, check distributor, inspect plugs and wires

Worse case scenario may be the fuel pump take a look at that after the plugs, wires and distributor. You havent used any cheap gas have you, it could be that.

Can you start your engine normally after you shut it off? If not I’d say it’s your ignition coil.

Yea, definitely check your distributor/ignition coil/ignitor … sounds like a coil problem to me …

When was the last time your changed you Fuel filter ??? This is something a lot of people over look…

Helms says to do it ever 60K

ignitor and or distributer. The igniter is inside of the distributer housing Honda / Acura only sells them seperate.

i replaced my spark plugs and fuel filter last night, but its still doing it. i replaced my cap and rotor not too long ago, gave it an oil change 2 weeks ago, and theres gas in the car. i got ballsy and decided to drive the car today. whats happening is… the car now drives fine unless i give it too much gas then it starts bogging. if i let up when its bogging it gets better or if i ignore the bogging and let it go, it’ll work itself through it. my friend thought that maybe it was the tranny, but i threw it in neutral(automatic tranny) while i was idling and dumped on the gas and its still boggy, so its not the tranny ---- i’m thinking now its fuel delivery…clogged injectors. i’m gonna clean them tommorrow and see what happens. anybody else have an idea???:confused:

ignitor and or distributer!!! trust me

u say that when u accelerate slowly u won’t sputter, but if u gun it u do… thats plug wires sir … throw in a cap & rotor while u at it

Sounds liek the problem i had, try turnin ur engine on and pulling the wires out one by one and replacing them… if one of them dosent change the tone of hte idol that is ur problem.

Could be a number of things… but it’s not your coil. If you can start your car, but it dies immediately, it’s the secondary fire on your coil. If you can’t start your car at all, the primary fire on your coil could be shot. If one of them is bad you need a new coil.

Things to check may be your main fuel relay. (under dash on drivers side, little black box against firewall)

Unscrew the tester bolt on your fuel filter (the small bolt that sits on top of the larger bolt), have a friend turn the ignition (don’t start) and make sure you’re getting a consistant pressure. You could also buy a pressure tester to be more accurate about it.

Cap, plugs, igniter, distributor. Also if your battery light comes on it could be your alternator. When the alternator goes or starts to go bad some wacky **** can happen to your car and seems to be completely random from car to car… Just some ideas.

coil tips… use an ohm meter. voltage should be between 0.6 and 0.8 on thr 2 primary posts, and between 0.8 and 1.0 on the ground post to secondary fire (inside the hole on the coil)… helms/chiltons has an in depth description of the tests you can run on your ignition system. It’s too late in the morning to go in depth now. :slight_smile:

oh, sorry guys… i forgot to tell you. i fixed it…it was my wires…sorry:D