i think my clutch is going! need help plz.

so i dont know what a clutch feels like when it is dieing, but i think mine is. whenever i let off the clutch, it takes like 2 seconds to engage, unless i’m shifting really hard, in which case it works a little better. is this a dieing clutch?

if so, how quickly do i need to get it replaced before it dies, just started this today. what else could be the problem?

if i do get replaced, i’m looking to spend the least amount of money possible, and i have a friend who can do the work, i have $300 i’m willing to spend, up to a possible $500.

EDIT: my current considerations are OEM, exedy organic from clutchcityonline, hyperclutch full face from inlinefour.com, or a clutchmasters stage1 or stage2 from importhorizon.com.

please help me!!:sad:

First thing would be to make sure your clutch cable is adjusted correctly. This might fix your problem, or at least buy you a little more time before you have to replace your clutch.
If you don’t have a service manual, get one. The Helms is by far the best one, but it’s also the most expensive. If you wont’ be doing much work to your car yourself, the Haynes or Chiltons would probably get you by and they’re quite cheap. Haynes has a pretty decent description for adjusting the clutch.