I Threw Away a DB2 :[

When I finished my DB1 with a B18C1 swap I got rid of it and bought a 90 RS for $300. Drove it around for a little while till I scored a free 90 GS DB1 from a buddy of mine with no engine. I pulled the engine from my $300 DA and put it into my DB1. Sold the DB1 for a pretty good amount. Now i’m left with my 90 RS shell with no engine. Interior still in amazing condition. Also rust free! … wellllllll kinda. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and i’m surrounded by salt water. Not to mention I live pretty damn near the ocean. The rust on the car is a penny sized bubble on the hatch area. I’m currently in the process of getting it painted, which of course the rust will be taken care of.

Aside from all that, I was pretty much complete with my LS-Vtec build I had going for my 90 RS. Then one sunny afternoon a buddy of mine gave me a call and told me that a friend of a friend had a DA for sale. At first I was denying the offer because I didn’t want another project. He kept telling me about it and I gave in and went with him to take a look at the car. He took me over to the place and there I saw it sitting in the bushes rotting away. At that point I already kinda stopped caring and wanted to leave till I got a closer look at the moldings. Asked him to open up the car and I took a look and there behold! It was a legit 93 DB2 GSR. The car was rusting in the quarter panels, hatch, roof and doors. Like I mean really bad rust! This car must have been sitting here for ages! Battling the rainy weather and all! Surprisingly the interior was in excellent condition!

With no hesitation I bought it over to my house, paid my buddy the $1000 he wanted and started the tear down. My LS-Vtec set up that I’ve had sitting in pieces was quickly sold. I threw the car on stands and quickly got to stripping the interior. With it having so much rust and rust holes the interior was in really good shape. There was a ton of rat poop and dead roaches but nothing a good cleaning can do right? [eww]. My buddys also gave me a hand pulling the B17A1 out of the engine bay and in no time the DB2 was stripped down and bare. Could I have saved the car? Well… yeah of course. You can always save a cars rust but I was not about to spend the time and money repairing all of it. It would have needed a whole new quarter panel and roof! I ended up tossing the car in the junkyard. Am I a bad person? I really feel like I am and I won’t let this go, ever.

On a good note, the engine, interior, front and rear bumpers, stock suspension, control arms, etc… are still in my possession and guess where they are going? Into my 90 DA9 RS. I don’t know if I should make this a build thread because I really just wanted to share my story about a DB2 I came across. Maybe if I can gather up the photo’s I have i’ll start posting them on here if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading… if you even made it this far ;p

too many guys are keeping these cars around so I would like to take this moment to thank you for increasing the value of mine lol.

Haha I really wish I could have saved the shell. At least the motor will live on in my DA9. Pics to come soon!