I want cams. What do I do?

I have a 92 RS with a standard b18a1. CAI and full exhaust. I want a little more power. If I put some cams in what else will I need to adjust and which cams should I get?

Want decent power?
Save your money and get a vtec head. You’ll make alot more power easier then building up an LS all motor. Sure it will cost more but at the end of the day it will more powerful. Check the LSVTEC threads and start making your shopping list.

Thats the way to go if your looking for all motor options, if you simply want more power on your b18a1 just turbo it.

Just getting a set of cams and some cam gears is not going to give you the power you desire especially for the price you will spend on them.

How about this? Get some cams, (crower are popular & get good g2ic reviews) Throw’em in, then get a B20. The cams you buy for your B18A1 will fit/work on the B20, as the heads are nearly identical to one another.

With this plan, the B20 can get +/- 160whp & +/- 145wtp. A good tune is needed to net these numbers as well.

The downside to cams first is that you’re gonna want stage 2, as stage 1 really isn’t that great. When you get stage 2 cams, upgraded springs/retainers are needed. Adjustable cam gears are needed to make the most of the cams. When you add all this up, it’s around $700- $1000 for cams, springs/retainers, & cam gears.

I’d say the best bet is to get the B20 first, ($750-800) then if thats not enough, go for those cams.

BTW- the parts needed for the B20 swap are already on your B18A1. It’s a direct swap w/ no major mods for around $750-800. Take out your old motor, swap over the B18 distributor,injectors, intake manifold, & like one or two more things- & ride out!


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