i want more power.

ok i have some cash to spend…i want more power what would be recommended to get more HP…im already thinking about getting a cold air intake, some headers and an exhaust…what else can i do

Search man and first you need to know what your building your car for, street use only, drag strip, or like autocross racing? Do you plan on swaping motors later or do turbo? Go with a good cat back or custom exhaust, headers, air intake, differ. fuel parts fuel rail, pump, injectors, stuff like that. Just remeber with the more air going in an you need to keep a good flo of fuel. You never want to run lean. Also dont forget about slowen down with the more HP.

Headers? as in plural? dont know what engine u have but u should only need a header.

ok on all seriousness we need ur goals, if ur gonna stick with the same engine do I/H/E starting with exhaust work, no point in bringing more air in if u cant get it out

best bang for the buck?? NOS :slight_smile:
it’s bolton and you can keep it even if you decide to swap later…

PS: I think you’ll be pretty disappointed with the results after the intake, header and exhaust. They don’t do much for a relatively stock motor. But it’s a good start if you decide to do a full build later.