IACV - Diagnosis

I’m having serious problems with the Idle on my car.

I know there is a similar post going right now but I want a little more attention. I have literally racked my brain for hours trying to figure out whats wrong. So far it’s teg - 2. Travis - 0

I read the Post in Teg Tips and have searched many times to try to figure out whats wrong.

When you plug both holes inside the TB, should the engine Stall?
If it does stall is the IACV to blame?

So far I’ve:

Checked the TPS
Checked the Thermostat
Dismantled and cleaned the IACV
Dismantled and cleaned the FITV
Checked all Vacuum lines
Checked for loose TB
Checked for loose bolts on IM
Checked for Sticking Throttle cable
Checked for sticking Butterfly valve
Replaced the relays for the Cooling fans
Checked the Coolant temperature sensor
Checked the coolant temperature switch

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Somebodys got to know.


Do you have a swap?

i’m in the process of diagnosing my 1750RPM idle… what are you’re problems? i need to check IAC and tps voltages. i dont know what else to do. I know its not a vacuum leak, because a short period after turing the idle screw will lower to correct idle… but then it magically goes back up. i have a b16asir2 swap btw.

I would try lowering the idle screw abit. I read somewhere that a iac while lower and raise your idle so much. So your idle screw might not be in the right range.

My problem? My iacv dont work at all. Tried different ecu different iacv (3). Throwing a code 14. No power to the iacv. Even ran a wire from the ecu pin a11 nothing. I’m missing somthing like a relay or something… Really pissing me off. I got a ls vtec b16