I followed the trouble shooting tips on bouncing idle and I need some help. The Tip says when the car is warmed up put your finger over the FITV hole and if idle does not change then its ok. I also put my finger over the IACV hole and the idle went down to 1,000 rpms which is better then 1,500 for sure. Does this mean that the IACV is bad? I also put both fingers over the IACV and FITV and it stilled idled like it normally does. There was no sputter or change in the idle. I have searched all over the board and have not found the info I am looking for. Please help me if you have had experience with this before.


yeah it says when you plug the IACV it should sputter or even die so i would say check for leaks in there and if not then did you try cleaning the IACV. http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35534&highlight=IACV

this may help!