ICU testing?

Ok i have searched and have found numerous threads and hundreds of posts describing symptoms of a bad icu… I know mine is bad so i am going to replace it… hazards and cruise dont work. so i have a couple laying around from cars that i have parted/stripped. Is ther a way to test an icu before i spend the day replacing to find out its bad too? The only way i can think of is to use a multimeter checking each circut for resistance, but is this an accurate test?

From what I remember it’s one or two caps that go bad and cause them to have issues. The best bet would be to simply replace those caps

I would just replace the cap first and look for burn marks where the cap is. I can take a pic of a bad one for you. They dont always have burn marks though.

yeah i read the thread about fixing them, i will prob will just do that but i was hoping i could test first, but sounds like the only way to be sure is to either buy a new one from honda :bang: or replace the parts on one i have. Thanks guys

“borrow” a few ICUs from a pick and pull junkyard. You can test them by installing them one at a time, or pop them open and see if you can fix the caps.