iddle is too high

I adjusted the screw iddle the lower it could go… and still reving at 2k, I bypassed it and same thing but sometimes it drops down to 1k or less like its gonna shut down and then it jumps back up. I am also getting terrible mileage this is what I have B17 with J1 tranny, NOS fpr, Skunk 2 cam gears, intake and exhaust… this 2 problems besides the one on the other post about the tranny is frustrating me even worst.:frowning: can any of you help me out?



First off all, I would like to say welcome to the LOOPING idle club.:argh: Second, pull your intake pipe and look where the throttle plate is at. If it is slightly open, you need to adjust the small screw on the bottom side of where the throttle linkage connects. The plate needs to sit almost completely closed. For the looping idle problem, do a search, pray to god and hope for the best in fixing that.

you may also have a vacuum leak. I take your idle isn’t really going up and down it just dips down sometimes? and it stays high most of the time? My guess would be a vacuum leak