idea: B16block/LShead/Dual Webers ?

I was thinking about what to do with the extra engine sitting in my closet. Always wanted to build another Civic hatch or CRX. Anyway, my latest infactuation is to go Dual carbs w/ some wicked Crane cams or something. I know LS blocks aren’t good for high rpm’s, so why not use a Vtec block and LS head like a reverse Frankenstein? Cheaper way of doing the “Vtec killer” right?
I dunno, just something I was kicking around, gimme your thoughts on it.


I think it’d rock, but I didn’t have the guts to do it (carbs). VW’s with retrofitted carbs just rock ass. But the fact that you don’t see anybody with it makes me wonder…

I don’t know about the carbs, but when you build a ls/vtec you are going for the strong, low end power of the ls engine, and the wailing power of vtec on top. If you use a b16 block it may not have very much torq on the low end, and the ls head wasn’t made for high rpm’s, so it may not do to good.
you can do it if you want, it’s not my place to say what someone can, and can’t do, but it sounds like the opposite of what your trying to get out of an engine.

hell! It would be cool to see someone do it! good luck!

Go for it!

Some big @$$ downdrafts poking through the hood? Yes! Seriously, though… carbs used to be the big ticket from drag cars.

I think that would kick @ss!, My dream engine would be my b18 with crower 404’s, 11:1 compression, and individual throttle bodies. There’s just something you gotta respect about old school setups. There’s a AE86 toyota in the new SCC or SS mag with a similar set up that I drooled over for a couple hours.

Once my engine swap happens for my Teg, then I’ll have a complete 93 LS engine and tranny, and also a 90-91 LS long block just sitting. I used to have a 90 Civic Si hatch w/ 91 LS engine and loved it, and I used to be into VW’s and loved the 16V carbed, so I’ve already decided that one of those engines will be carbed and dropped into either a Civic hatch or CRX. The B16 block is just an idea that will probably never see the light of day.
What I’d really like to do is carb a B20. Just like VW’s taking the 1.8 16V head, 2.0 block and Dual Webers. I think that would rock. Since I’ll have 2 LS blocks, maybe I’ll get one re-sleeved to 84mm…we’ll see.

back in the days my friend tony (cyber racing) used to run his white teg with the 1.8 non vtec, dual 45mm webers, and like a 130 shot nos hahaha… he was bustin 12’s all day on slicks.

i still have some of those runs on vhs too hahhaha

Tony Fuchs old set up? Yeah I saw the pics back when it was white w/ Gude stickers.

yup tha one and only :slight_smile:

<img src= “”>

before- 1996, NA- 12.06et
after- 1998, turbo- 10.61et

Hey andee, sup man. Do you know what happend to him? I haven’t been following the import drags but last i checked, he wasn’t around anymore.

hes still at underground in the valley, but last i heard about a car from him was that he was comming out with a tube chassis g2 (sponsored by lightspeed)… but that was a couple years ago, and i have yet to see it :confused:. but he has a couple kids and all that so i dunno if he will return to the drag scene… to come back at the top level he WAS would be a surprise. the drag game jus gets boring after a while… i mean look at junior aspire (redline) too… first turbo civic in the 12’s and now its like he never existed…

i havent talked to him for a few months so your guess is as good as mine jon hahahhaa

hmm a bseries carbed ZC like motor… well if your bored… go for it… IMO a waste a time. BUT it should be interesting… i think if u pull it off you’d be one of teh first to do so. but hey like i said… if your bored… by all means… Last time i saw Tony Fuch was at palmdale when he was driving Myles Bautista’s Integra. busted a 10.0 and then grenaded the tranny, man can he drive. cool guy too… helped us out with our race car when we ran into problems. yah i heard he might bring back the DA. but all just rumors… hopehe does…

i remember this dude in Super Street had a jdm rhd crx with either a zc or a b18a with some mikuni side draft carbs… pretty sick

i have seen incarnations of zc’s with carbs and I heard that some honda tb’s / intake manifolds are based on mikuni side draft carbs

tony was the man either super street or scc said he’d replace his head axels and tranny after every race then tear down the engine and get the block machined back to spec if need be .

check this out