Ideling problem

my car idles up and down when i’m in nuetral. i changed my water pump and timing belt, new distibutor, new spark plugs, fixed the vacuum lines and plugged in my oxygen sensor. could the throttle body be causing the problem. it’s for a b16a sir 1st gen motor.

could be 2 things:

  1. your oxygen sensor is busted
  2. your alternator does not put out enough power which get the computer to misread info from the sensors.

I have a 1st gen b16 also, mine also does that once in a while but I notice its more predominant when the cooling fan goes on or I turn on the lights/stereo. Maybe a heavy duty amp?!

Oxygen Sensor

Hiya, my friend has that problem as well. The rpm will keep going up and down when the car’s idling. He got it checked and it was the oxygen sensor.

thanx a lot i’m going to replace the 02 sensor tommorrow if that dosen’t work then i guess i’ll change the alternator.