Idle Air Control Valve

I need a new IACV on was wondering which ones i can use. I have a 90-93 on my skunk2 with my b18b1. does it have to be that specific?

have you tried just cleaning it?

or do you REALLY need a new one?

cleaned it, completley stuck open

I cleaned mine out about 3 1/2 weeks ago.
But, that IACV of mine was from a late model 1995 ACURA LEGEND
It worked fine for a couple of years, I just cleaned out it out for routine maintenance. But, in a nut shell everything is just doing fine.
I like the way it idles now and that’s what I was looking for.

IF your car is OBD1 and you used the one theat you had from your stock manny, then you need and obd1 one. if you used a obd0 then you need an obd0 one. all obd1’s are the same and so.