Idle and Power Probs

Okay, this is how it all started. I was driving home late at night about a month and a half ago and I heard this squeeling noise from under the hood. I stopped on the side of the road and checked it out. It was the distributor howling like crazy. I grabbed a hold of it and the car just died and wouldn’t start again. After a lot of swearing and screwing around in the dark it finally started and I drove it home. The next day I took off the distributor and found that the only way to move the post where the cam hooks in to was to put a screwdriver in between the two tabs and crank on it really really hard. I guess it was the bearing that went out or something. Until I could afford to buy a new dist. I drove around on a b16 one which made my car run like isht. I finally got the cash and installed the new one, but ever since my car has had a problem idling steady, it jumps around from around 750 rpm all the way up to around 1500 rpm and sometimes wants to die. In an attempt to fix it I’ve checked and replaced a few vacuum lines, pcv valve, new cap and rotor, checked the valve cover gasket and spark plug o-rings, and nothing has solved the problem. The only thing I haven’t had time to look at is the actual timing belt to see if it has possibly skipped a tooth or something. One thing that made a positive difference was advancing the timing all the way via dist. turning. Also, ever since this whole predicament, it doesn’t seem like my teg had what it had before in terms of power. If anyone has any suggestions or has overcome this problem, please let me know what to do. Thanks.:tsk:

Hopefully u’ve already fixed it but if not…

Sounds like what happened to me.

Your distributor pin probably fell halfway out… Mine did and the only way I got it out was to do what u did… which broke part of the pin off INSIDE the head, so I had to dig it out… Then I had to take the timing belt off because the intake cam was off by a lot.

If it’s off by a tooth, it will run like **** until u turn the distributor all the way advanced like you’re talking about… but more than a tooth and it probably won’t run.

Anyhow, shoot a timing light on it and see what u get… $5.00 says it’s close to TDC because your intake cam is off. :wink: