Idle Screw up Again!

My Idle keep going up and down from like 750 to about 2000 . could a sensor or something be no good ?

I have the same problem dude… My mechanic hasn’t gotten to see my car yet but he thinks it might be sticky throtle linkage. Cause when I first start my car for the day it idles at 2k, then after awhile of driving it will idle at about 750-1k. Let me know if you find out what it is :slight_smile:

check for a vacuum leak first then check the Fast Idle Valve.
more then likely it’s the Fast Idle Valve. it’s common in honda/acura cars.


right below the throttlebody. e-mail me and i can show you on how to adjust it, and that’s ONLY if it’s the Fast Idle Valve.

I have the same prob with mine, but my fast idle valve happens to be in the inside of the thottle body just before the butterfly, that’s what I was told anyway. When I plugged that up it idled fine so we are going to stick a different gasket between the tb and intake manifold so it will always block the incoming air. I’m told though that after a cold start the motor won’t rev higher during the warm up period like it’s supposed to.

is that the fairly large screw on my throttle body?

Yeah my fast idle valve thingy was hella f***ed inside… like this plastic thing was totaly unscrewed… I was mobbin for like 9months like that.

Sir rev alot …

did you screw that plastic thingy back in? you should and that would of taken care of your idle problem. that’s how you fix the Fast Idle Valve. jus screw it back in clockwise until it stops, reinstall the Fast Idle Valve and you’re all set to go. no more revving up and down. that’s only if your problem is in the Fast Idle Valve. you might have other problems.:bow:

Well It did fix the major idle problem… but now its at 1k and goes up to 1.5k then over and over again… idle screw still doesnt work.