Ignition coil issue?

So i recently changed my distributor (couple months ago) and saw this glue like substance inside my ignition coil. I’m pretty much just wondering… is this a buildup of corrosion? Or are these glue like substances supposed to be there?

Not the best photos but some of the ignition coils have different amounts of this glue substance in them; some have more some have less.

that is di-electric grease. it is commonlu used between electrical connections in a car that may get exposed to water… prevents corrosion and maintains a good contact between electrical surfaces while preventing water to get inside the connection.

you would find that stuff also used in bulb sockets for the tail lights and inside the wiring harness connectors as well.

Dang, cause my car when it’s warm seems to lack power and act like its in 2nd gear untill it actually switches to 3rd gear. I was hoping it was the ignition coils which it could still be.

could be a coil, but I’d lean more towards timing issue or even a o2 sensor going out based on those symptoms…