Ignition Position 1

I had a thief attempt to steal my car last night. He broke the lock cylinder off the steering column and seperated it from the ignition wiring harness in order to use a screwdriver to crank the engine. But in the process he somehow shorted the ignition fuse located in the engine compartment.

I have got a new lock cylinder connected to the wiring harness can can start the car fine but when I turn the key to the 1st ignition position nothing happens. The automatic seat belts don’t move none of the bells ring. I’ve checked all fuses etc but have run out of ideas. Do any of you have any clues as to why the 1st accessory position would not work? Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You,

Have you checked to see if there is power coming out the acc. wire from the ign. switch, you can get color code for your car at www.bulldogsecurity.com :ok: 94