ignition systems

Which ignition system would you guys recommend for a 91 integra ls and are they worth it?:slight_smile:

I have an MSD 6A, blaster coil and wires from MSD. I bought it to complement my dry nitrous setup.
For an naturally aspirated setup, the stock ignition is plenty good. IMHO, money is better spent elsewhere.

Would it help my performance if I just have a header, exhaust and intake? I don’t plan on getting nitrous.

From what everyone told me when I was looking at replacing mine, just about nobody thought it was worth it unless the engine had a fair amount done to it, that the stock one was plenty strong for most applications. If your parts of your ignition are broken, it might be cheaper or cost the same to upgrade, but from what I’m told, it’s not usually worth it. My ignition coil (among other things) recently failed, so I decided to just go ahead and upgrade the ignition. I’m in the process of relocating my battery to my trunk and installing an MSD Digital 6 ignition. An ignition won’t really give you more power, but it can recover lost power from a crappy ignition, but by all accounts, the factory ignition is pretty powerful. If you have just I/H/E, I tend to doubt there will be much of a change performance-wise, other than a smoother idle perhaps. Do a search of the forums and you’ll probably find a few threads on ignitions.