IL: 16x7 +45 desmond regamaster 4x100 whiteee...will ship

Time has come to sell my beloved regamasters that took me close to two years to find. Its time for someone else to enjoy these rare wheels…overall condition is really good nornal wear and tear and scratches and paint chips but absolutely no bends, cracks, curb marks…to be perfect just repowdercoat then and will be new…no tires included i am asking $1900 shipped and please send paypal as gift so i dont incurn any fees. I have excellent feedback and deal with 100% honesty.

Email me at…only looking for cash no trades saving for a house…

my god! GLWS

i want so bad… my slipstreams are holding me over but the real thing is just so much better…

Pick em up man…i have always wanted a set of he real deal and i had the chance now but for the time being i could free up the cash

This is what ive been looking for. But cant afford it unless i sell my work meisters :confused:

Keep em with the work meisters…lol credit card it on paypal 6 months no pmts and no interest lol



Thanks guys…appreciate the love

Lets get these sold guys…saving money for a house…help a britha out

Let me see what I can pull together for to take them off your hands

Teg youngin if you got any questions text me at 847-809-8501…thanks