IL: OEM stanley JDM 1 pieces with bixenon 4300k H4H bulbs...LOOKKK

Hey guys, I havent posted here for a while due to being very busy with work and home renovation, but regardless I have a set of used one pieces for sale. They are not brand new, but pretty close to mint. I will clean them up even further including the lens and the grey plastic backing. I have tested both the h4h 4300k hid bulbs and they are in working condition with no flickering and light up a very nice white. The passenger side light has one tab broken but will hold up just fine, the drivers side is fine. The fog capsules are there as well…EMAIL me at with any questions…I am an honest seller and have good feedback and I am sure few people can vouch for me on my items and honety…seeing as how expensive the bulbs are and one pieces are geting harder to find. I am pricing these at $270 OBO plus shipping and paypal fees…All my items shipped are packaged really well…and send pics to buyers before they are sent out…Here are the pics…

would u sell just the HIDS? i been looking for a cheap set of h4h but problem is i cant ever find em used or cheap lol

its not the whole kit bryan, its just the h4h hid bulbs…i dont have ballasts…

oh dammm :(…well glws

Bulb ends will work with any ballasts, you just need ballasts and h4 conversion harness. I May have some harnesses will have to look. Let me know if you want to buy the bulbs

so i can buy these and then buy the h4 ballast kit and plug it rite in rite? i dont wanna be ghetto cutting a 9006 to make it fit like some people do lol

Bryan email me and i think i can make you a complete kit with everything you need

ok email sent

So these well just plug into any kit?

im already trying to get these from him…back off…hahahah too bad no barking dog smiley face :cross:

bump…the hid bulbs have the same male and female ends as millions of hid kits out there…it is universal and will work with any ballasts…that said.I am sure someone is looking for some one pieces…feel free to make a reasonable offer for them…Thansk email me if you will split up the bulbs/harrnes! Thank you

Emailed ya back.


Texted you back…seems like ill part the bulbs out and sell the one pieces for cheaper

How much are you willing to sell the one pieces without the bulbs?