IL: Wedssports SA-90 16x7 4x100..LOOKK

I have a set of 16x7 sa-90 4x100 for sale. The offset is 42 on these wheels…As you may know these wheels have been discontinued and are rare as well…The conditions of the wheels are pretty solid, no curb marks, just normal use stuff like scratches and small knicks. I touched up a few spots on the wheels with the paint that was as close to the original color as possible. I also have sourced replacement decals and BNIB discontinued optional wedssports center caps…I am selling wheels only no tires…and as always I will ship them anywhere as long as the buyer pays for them and I only accept paypal…EMAIL ME: if you have any questions or would like additional pics…Thanks for looking…I am asking $1200 OBO shipped plus paypal fees…please no lowballers…only wheels I will accept in trade are white 16" regamasters in 4x100 plus cash on my end ofcourse…and would work something out…I have a perfect trader rating guys and very honest…i know there are bunch of people on here that wouldnt mind vouching for me…


Thanks man…if any serious buyers want more pics i can take them just let me know

I wish I had the money for these riiighhhtt nowwwww! so sick on a gen2

Thanks man…i hear ya man. I just need to get rid of stuff even if i like em


Thanks guys. I know there are still people left that dont ffollow the stretch and poke shit fit that would like a legit set of wheels that look classy and simple…how it was meant to be…lol

I so shuda got these instead glwys

Jeff… if you still want these ill give you a special price for the inconvenience. But text me so we can talk if you interested

Yeah i still cant afford the special price im sure lol

Bump for a legit seller and legit wheels

Thanks herb. …and jeff you never know

Weds have been solddddd…thanks