im back!

after not owning a DA for about 5 years i finally made the decision to get another one. i use to be a member here, some may remember my old car because of the HID retrofit it had (i didnt do it):

im stoked to be back behind the wheel of another integra so today ive been whoring pics of my new DA, its a 93 rs, heres some pics of it taken today. i put the wheels, tires, lugnuts, front lip, momo tuner steering wheel, lowered it some more, and added some camber to the back. busy day so heres the pics:

Holy hell that thing is the sex. Nice man!

Hey man, clean car. i saw it on honda tech :P. Just wondering, where’d you get the lip and how much was it? I’ve been trying to get one but everywhere i look the sites dont seem to legit enough to trust…Had some bad history trying to buy a lip, blah.

Let me know dude, thanks. Clean car. :up:

i remember seeing pics of that retrofit. the cleanest job i’d seen.
i like your style. new da’s looking even better than the last

i really didnt do much to hte old white one. i was self employed when i had it and making no money. i replaced the transmission because it had no third gear when i bought it. thats about it. the front lip was the type r style on ebay, theyre about 125 and really not worth it. abs plastic and it doesnt fit that well.if you dont want a carbon fiber one there arent enough options out there. im sure ill change this lip before to long, its pretty big and its gonna rub on everything. thanks for the kind words guys.

welcome back. love both cars