I'm cracking

I love my Kenwoods but plan on getting 4 12s and I can’t find 2 more. So I figure I might try these so highly praised Brahamas. Anyone got any good online site, reliable and not too expensive. These will be pushed by a BD1000.

lol, if you get 4 brahama 12’s I’ll mess myself. But you’d need 4 BD1500’s to push them and one HELL of an electrical system to run them. We’re talking around $3500 for that much power, the subs, and a beefy electrical system.

www.adireaudio.com and www.ampmanaudio.com are the only two places I know of.

Good luck :up:

yeah adamm is right it doesn’t look like your quite aware of the other must haves that come along with running a system like that

otherwise it won’t be pretty if you try to run something that big on a stock electrical system, your amps won’t like it, your car won’t like it, and basically it’ll be one big :vomit:

but goodluck! hehe I dun wanna discourage you, 4 12" Brahmas would be something to see! and hear :slight_smile:

Yah, I wasn’t trying to discourage you either. Sorry if it may have sounded like that. If thats what you want go for it.:slight_smile:

Well thanks for the warnings. I didn’t figure they would need all that, after all, I’ve never even seen them. Thanks for the sites, maybe I’ll have at least 2 somewhere down the road.

Yeah, 4 Brahma’s in a daily driver is insane. In fact, 2 Brahma’s in a daily driver is insane. Here is a link to Adire dealers. There are two in Texas. But ordering from Ampman or Adire directly is fine also. But it will be pretty much the same price no matter what. Us dealers aren’t allowed to sell them for lower than listed.