im very lost

ok so my car spudders when its idleing and the idle will drop real low like its bout to die then go back to like right below 1000. its also spudders real bad when i downshift sometimes ot let off the gas. its like it backfires a little and it misses pretty bad or sometthing… does any one know how i can fix this…thanks for your input

first who is this lol this is blake from advanced auto parts and its probly timeing

lol finally someone else from eats tenn im aaron i drive the red db1, do you drive that hatch

na thats bo your talking abt the advanced next to etsu right? i drvie the beat ass old toyota truck while my da is in the shop

oh are you the dude from knoxville

yes sir ill b at work tomarro from 10 to 3 if u wana drop by and take a look

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