immobilizer anyone?

hey guys i was just looking for immobilizer threads and i was suprised to not find any! :stare:

just out of curiosity, does anyone have an immobilizer set up in their teg? has it saved u at all? i hear it also saves u on insurance?

ive had this sitting in the back of my trunk for like 5 months:

ive got a matching alarm from the same company already installed and it works awesome!

it actually looks like a good set up but nobody will install it for me because its not their own product (i still think its bs)
it comes with:

primary wiring harness with edge connector housing
rear cover for edge connector
atd (anti tamper device)
warning LED light
2 keys
heat shrink sleeving
system identification card

installing it myself is the last thing i wanna attempt without some kinda help from somebody who knows something about this…

i actually have 2 of them! if some1 wants to come out to abby and help me, id be glad to give them the other one :slight_smile:

Any “layer” you add to the security of your car is a “good thing” :cool:

I agree to some extent those type off starter kills aren,t worth putting in.I make alot of service calls to remove those things all the time.Be careful.

ur saying its not gonna last and then eventually im gonna have to take it out? :stuck_out_tongue:

that would suck :down:

I would not use it for starter cut, but for fuel pump power cut, or injector power cut or both, depending if it’s a one point or two point, not lot of things can go wrong with it, other then losing the “keys” :roll:94

why shouldnt i use it for starter?

Because its easier to start an engine when it doesn’t have a starter compared to trying to start an engine that doesn’t have any gas.

I’ve never tried but it looks to me like you may be able to bypass with a loonie jammed in there… all that key does is just connect two contacts right??

Either way if you want it installed I can do it for you… I’m in Surrey and have been installing for quite a long time. You can message me or call me (604)813-5167.

u might be right about that loonie thing i never thought of that… loonie might be too small though. ill just have to hide the thing so they dont know where it is or something. ill figure something out.

catalin ur help would be great! whens the soonest ur available?
unfortunatly im working for the next 5 days but sun or mon would be perfect
let me know, we can arrange something, and ill bring u the other immobilizer if u want it :slight_smile:

I’m good basically any day… If you’re working for the next few days then I would say next Monday at 9:30am??
Either way, give me a call sometime tomorrow and we can set something up.

i may have found some1 who lives alot closer to me ill let u know though :stuck_out_tongue:
who should i ask for when i call? lol

My name is Catalin. :slight_smile: Original eh?

i probably wouldn’t go through the trouble of installing that thing. it looks simplistic and to me a fuel kill switch sounds more reliable. but depending on how paranoid you are, the more security the merrier.

alarm + wheel club + fuel switch + autolock + detachable face = pretty annoying for a thief. if he still tries, he must know about something in there and wants it pretty bad, and will probably end up towing it anyways.

that is! pronouced like its spelled? is it a guys name or a girls name? :roll:

Ahhh, I’m a guy. :slight_smile: It’s Romanian and people call me Catlin… it’s easier to say.

I was going to add that using that immobilizer for ignition or fuel kill might not be a good idea. If you accidently knock the key out of the socket then the engine will stall and you’ll lose the power brakes and steering… Could be dangerous… Just my thought though.

this is true, ill just have to put it in a place where i wont be able to knock it out :slight_smile:

are u any good at other things besides electrical? i really need a new mechanic cause these shops are screwing me to hell. im hoping to find some1 private from now on. some1 i can get to know and trust they wont screw me over all the time. some1 who knows tegs like the back of their hand would be good too :smiley:

u are pretty far away but id be willing to commute if ur good enough :dance:
u could make some pretty good dough off me i always have problems with my car :tsk:

I’d love to help you out, but mechanical would take me double the time to do… I’m pretty good at it I’ve just geared the last eleven years doing security/audio/electrical installs and repairs.

Here’s a link to my car that I mostly put together myself.

lol man if u can put an engine in a car so that it works im sure u know what ur doing a little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

u got msn?

nope. :slight_smile:

hey man i think the immobilizer is gonna have to wait for a little while. i kinda fucked up my car today :frowning:

ill let u know though