In a rush - 06 Civic advice and Carfax needed

Posting on G2IC because I’m in a hurry and you guys are always so helpful with my DA!

I’ve been looking for a car I can do Uber with, mostly 03-05 Civics, but I ran across an 06. I’m first in line, and I’m sure if I don’t act by tomorrow, it’ll be sold. But I keep reading about 06-09 Civics having problems with the block cracking. After my last used-car fiasco, I don’t want to make another mistake. This price seems too good to be true. I took it on a 30 minute test drive today, and all seemed fine. I thought for a minute I smelled coolant, but I don’t know if it was my imagination.

VIN: 1HGFA15866L144530 (the “1” worries me - should it?)
132k miles.
$3800 asking price (which is KBB fair-condition private-party value).
06 Civic EX.
No recalls.
Brand new tires.
Slight hail damage, but otherwise looks good on the outside.
No rust.
He says it’s been dealer maintained, but has no paperwork. I haven’t called the dealer to confirm yet.
Aside from regular oil changes, all its had done was an O2 sensor a couple years ago
AC needs a recharge.
Driver sun visor broken (common problem).
Back seat seriously needs deep cleaned.
Center console looks like it’s got melted gum or candy in it.
Left headlight has been replaced, and there is minor damage to the left fender (he says someone backed into him).
Idles/accelerates/shifts smoothly.

So. Thoughts? Should I pass because of the potential block issue and continue looking for an earlier gen?

Also, can someone run a Carfax for me? I told him I’d get back to him tonight to let him know if I’m gonna pay to get the compression checked tomorrow morning. He says he’s had dozens of calls, and I don’t doubt that for a minute.

Thanks in advance!

Uber is a black car service, they aren’t going to let you work out of a Civic. Definitely a pass.

Looks like I gave you bad information. I’ve seen several Civic sized vehicles around since I posted. Black car service is a different thing, usually airport transport.