In other news, the world's dumbest police chief is in Toronto.

An incredibly tragic event:

Yields this quote:

“I’ve been a cop for 35 years and this is the worst incident of gun violence, in my memory, anywhere in North America,” said police chief Bill Blair.

Really Bill? You sure about that? POSITIVE?


Wow, just wow.

Canadians are so self-centered and arrogant. When I travel abroad, I have to tell people that I’m an American, because if I say I’m from North America, I know they’ll just assume I’m Canadian.

“America is the best, greatest nation God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.” - Sean Hannity

[QUOTE=Stu;2266180]When I travel abroad, I have to tell people that I’m an American, because if I say I’m from North America, I know they’ll just assume I’m Canadian.[/QUOTE]You used to tell people you were from North America when travelling abroad? I’ve never heard Americans nor Canadians doing this practice to indicate their place of origin. Usually it’s ‘I’m from America; I’m American’ or ‘I’m from Canada; I’m Canadian’. Never heard ‘I’m from North America’. And what makes you think people abroad will “assume you’re Canadian” if you say you’re from North America? Doesn’t speak much of what their view of “North America” is when the U.S. arguably has a more worldly impact on culture and economy than Canada.


[QUOTE=armedferret;2266245][/QUOTE]You got me.

I did?

You sure?

Maybe go back and look at usernames. Focus on mine vs. the post to which you replied (with quote). Should be enough hints; if you need more, fire up your PLB and we’ll get a Helo en route.

I resent that!

The shooting happened not too far from where I live. One of the victims was a pretty stand up guy who was doing good until this.

maybe i’m nit picking the story, but if he was conscious, aware, able to speak and breathe they should NOT have been doing CPR. This quite possibly caused the death. Imagine being conscious and breathing while some idiot breaks your sternum and squishes your heart with chest compressions.

Dress the wound, pressure, and elevation is all you can do until EMTs arrive unless he’s ceased breathing and does not have a pulse.

In the end, it is a sad loss of life. So were the 33 lives taken by one individual at VT a few years ago @ ignorant police officer.

Just like the 13 dead and 29 wounded at Fort Hood in 2009. Or the 13 dead and 21 injured at Columbine. Or the 81 civilians murdered by the ATF & FBI in 1993.

Any loss of life is unfortunate, and the overwhelming majority is indeed very tragic. But exponentially more tragic than any of that, is an idiot in charge of a law enforcement agency who doesn’t know anything outside his personal bubble–or, at the very least, opens his mouth before engaging his brain.

Really? One Canadian cop, who based on HIS MEMORY thought this was the worst incident of gun violence, is exponentially more tragic than the deaths of others?

I mean… COME. ON.

There’s an underlying concept you’ve failed to grasp.

It’s all good. I understood your point, but I was just trollin’ anyway. :hugs:

Its because they hope you are a Canadian.

I lol’d hard in real life.

I think a few people are missing the joke.

I know right? Leave it to those arrogant Canadians to take themselves so seriously that they miss the joke.

“They think I’m slooooooow 'cause I’m from Caaaanada, ehhhhhhhhhh.”