In the Morning...

…when my car is warming up there is some valve clatter, or what I always thought to be valve clatter. But the other day I was reading on here and someone said something about ticking injectors. The ticking gets louder the more I push on the gas and goes away when the car gets up to temp. So, I’m not sure if its the injectors or the valves. My theory (or hypothesis rather) was that the ticking got louder because the more I pushed on the gas, the more the throttle plate would open and thus letting the ticking noise “out” of the intake. I dont even know if this is feesable (sp) but either way the ticking annoys me. It isnt bad or really loud just a little annoying. I adjusted my valves a little before winter and it never completely got rid of the noise, so could it be the injectors? If so is there any way to get rid of the noise short of getting new injectors? I know there has to be some other people on this board with the same prob so please speak up.

Sorry so long.


I have the same noise under the same circumstances as you. Previous posts addressing this issue haven’t shown any clear consensus as to what is causing the noise.