increasing displacement

If you start off with a b16a, can you replace the crank and rods with that of a b17a to get 1.7 liters? Or can you do the same with a b18c1 crank and rods to get 1.8 liters? Is it more compicated than that? Can you even swap out these parts from different engines? TIA.


b17a crank and rods in b16a case. = yes
b18c1 crank = yes, with use of custom rods.

So I could basically use a b17 crank and rods in a b16 and have pretty much a b17a? So that would that give the b16 a 81.40 stroke?

Are the crank, rods and pistons the only difference between the b16 and b17?

b17a and b16a blocks are exactly the same. All you need to stroke your b16a would be b17a crank and rods. Then choose some high compression pistons… i’m going w/ the p30’s, which don’t require the rods to be shaved, and will yeild a little over 10.9:1 compression.

there are other slight differences between the b16a and b17a. I think the cams are a little different (the 89-91 b16a cams i guess are the worst out there). The intake manifolds are a little different too, but i think internally they are the same and flow the same… i think its just the appearance and slightly diff vaccum lines or something.

i will just add though that finding a b17a crank is often pretty tough. First off the b17a is very rare, and still less are taken apart and being parted out like that. Plus some people want the b17a crank to put into their b20’s… so there is a demand for them.

Thanks battlecat and Colin, that was exactly what I was looking for. I was considering the p30 pistons as well for this setup. 10.9:1 would be great or even with a 2 layer head gasket 11.25:1 would be good too.