Infinity Speaker

I just installed 4 6 1/2 inch infinity refrence speakers in my car, i must say i love the sound, very nice clears, but a little lacking in the bass dept. That dosent matter to me too much, I’m getting a 12" infinity sub sometime soon. Very impressed with infinity spk’s

I LOVE Infinity speakers! I’m am advocate for their company! And I don’t even get paid! But yes they do lack in the bass dept, but they are not built for that. They are truely speakers geared for jazzy type of music. Instrumental I guess , so to speak. But I think they are a really good speaker. I use to have infinity all the way around in my old car and in my teg, but my front reference got blown, so now I have infinity Perfects 6x9’s in the rear and Cerwin-Vega’s in the front. Cerwin vega gets rid of the bass problem, but equals the instrumental abilities of the infinitys! Good choice in speakers!

I noticed the lack of bass in for the infinitys myslelf. But im pretty sure the 12" sub will fix that :smiley:

I have an ALL-INFINITY system. 4 6.5" Kappas, a Kappa 5 channel amp, and a 10" kappa sub. I couldn’t be happier!!!

Sucks they don’t make amps anymore :frowning:

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Sucks they don’t make amps anymore :frowning:

Yah tell me about it! I wanted to save up my pennies before and get an infinity amp to match everything else, but now they don’t even make’em! I heard that Bose bought them out, but kept the name to market to car stereo enthuasiast. Anyone hear of this too??

I was talking to a guy at Infinity and he said that JBL took over their amp division. I thought Infinity on the whole was gonna leave the car speaker biz, but then I see these new silver Kappa speakers… so I’m kinda confused. I fell in love with the green kappas when I first heard em about 2 years ago.