Ingalls camber kit info...

So ive been searching All over and i cant seem to get a blunt answer! My question is…will a ingalls (35730 or 35710) camber kit work for our cars. My dA is not a autox car, i live in florida so the streets arent full of twist and such. HOWEVER this is my daily/weekend 1/4 mile car. All in all i dont want to have to go through tires ever 6months. Please only respond from experience and thanks in advance…-Crank

I ran the Ingalls 35720 kit on my old DA. There are a few different Ingalls kits and they all offer different degrees of adjustability. I ran the 35720 on mine because that’s the one my mechanic recommended. I used my car for a DD and the Ingalls kits are ok. The only thing I didn’t like was when we installed the kit, it wouldn’t clear the inner fender. We had to beat the inner fender to give it enough clearance. But even doing that it still made contact with the fender going over bumps and everything. I wasn’t a big fan of the kit. On my new DA I’m gonna probably try the SPC ball joint method or maybe Skunk2 will finish the upper control arms they have promised one day. Hope that helps.

Thanks man, i just refuse to pay $200+ for a kit like skunk2 if i still have to “make” it work. How low was your setup? Anyother complaint besides the fender issue?

I was running Eibach Sportlines and Koni Yellow shocks so I was ~2" all the way around sitting on stock 14" GS wheels. Other than the fender bump no complaints. Honestly I didn’t drive it long enough to complain. I drove it 400 miles and then sold it. From what I remember, hitting bumps while driving sucked and you heard this awful clunk everytime you hit one.

hmm… i wonder if i bend the fender far enough wil it still hit… Thank a again dude!