Ingition timing with cam gears

Ok, you know how when you adjust your intake cam gear your ignition timing changes with it? Is there a way to readjust your distributor so that when it’s in the middle of the adjustment slot its timed at stock timing?

Doesn’t a timing light clip onto the #1 plug wire and shine onto the crankpulley timing marks? It should still be able to dial in your timing to stock, advance or retard using the distributor position. Maybe I don’t understand what you are getting at.

No, I mean like, if my intake cam is at stock cam timing and my ignition timing is set at 16 btdc but then I go and advance my intake cam my ignition timing would then be retarded (i think… it might be advanced), but either way it almost limits the amount of intake cam adjustment. I can try to get my ign timing back to stock but the distributor only moves so far. Is there a way to “reset” the distributor so that instead of being at the end of its adjustment its in the middle of the adjustment slots but still retain stock timing? If this is too confusing let me know, I’m trying to be as clear as possible.


I am also curious from a tuning standpoint. I am curious if after adv. cam2º, now ign is at +18-19º and if you need to reset the dist once tuning is over. I know its kinda confusing.

You’ll probably have to pull out the dist and move it back a couple of gears on the intake cam.


Physically pull it out and put it back in a tooth or two off, depending on how much you want to adjust it.

You can’t do that. The dizzy can only be 2 ways… the right way or 180 out.

Are you using adjustable cam gears or just moving the intake cam a tooth at a time? One tooth on the cam gears is like 6-8 degrees or more on an adjustable cam gear, and I don’t know of many setups that run that advanced unless they have race cams. The distributor should be able to dial in the correct timing even with the adj. cam gears dailed in but I don’t advise moving the non-adj cam gear a tooth at a time. :blah:

Adjustable… and its 21 ignition timing degrees per cam gear tooth. When you change your intake cam gear timing it moves the whole camshaft which also moves the dizzy rotor in the same direction resulting in an ignition timing change. But if you try to move your cam too far, you can’t achieve your stock timing anymore because the dizzy isn’t that adjustable.