Ingnition switch

I need to test my ingition switch to find out if my problem is the switch or my starter. My problem now is that I don’t know how to test the ingnition switch. Can somebody please explain me the process? Thank you for your help.

well simple, probe the wires coming out of the ignition switch, you have 12v, ACC, HVAC, IGN, and Starter wires that will all show different things during different key positions, there is a wire chart in the teg tips area and you just probe for 12 volts at different times, chances are that the ignition switch is bad, mine was, but it’s not that hard to fix.

i spent an hour to remove the switch completely, disassemble it and soak it in alcohol, retension the four springs in the assembly and brush the contacts with a wire brush, then reassemble.

with the key at rest only the 12v constant will show 12v. at first turn ACC will show 12v, at the second, ACC, IGN, and HVAC will show at 12v, at third position, only the starter should show 12v.